Regular Auto Tune-Up Services

Let Us Prolong Your Vehicle's Life With Routine Tune-Ups

Oil changes, tire rotations, battery checks and other tune-up services can prolong your vehicle's life. Visit Hillis 66, Inc. at 600 South Street today to get quality tune-up services your vehicle needs at great prices.
You'll get a tune-up that costs only a fraction of what you'll pay at larger repair shops, plus you'll have access to a convenient oil change with quality Phillips oil.
In addition, you'll keep your tires in great shape and reduce your chances of a pop or flat with low prices on tire rotations.

Our Auto Tune-Up Services Include:

  • Spark plug adjustments
  • Emission level testing
  • Complete maintenance check
  • Tire rotation
  • Oil change
  • Battery check
Visit us for routine auto tune-up services!
600 South Street
From emission level testing to tire rotation, our ASE-certified technicians do them all to keep your vehicle running smoothly. 
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